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Republican Party 2012: The Week of Cain

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I’m back for another post after a fairly prolonged absence. This last week however has prompted me to get off the sidelines and write again about my pick for the Republican nomination, Herman Cain. The last week’s Republican Party headlines have been dominated by Mr. Cain in many capacities, with an amazing debate performance, an unlikely straw poll victory, and a few mildly shocking poll results.

The driving force behind Mr. Cain’s recent storm of success is his debate performance last Thursday (September 22nd), where he was declared as the winner by many conservative pundits. What makes this victory even more special, is that Mr. Cain delivered the best message of any candidate, despite only receiving a little more than half the time to speak as the top candidates! This debate performance positioned Mr. Cain very well for the weekend’s Presidency 5 straw poll (an incredibly important straw poll known for selecting the future GOP nominee).

The day of the vote, many people were expecting a HUGE Rick Perry victory, considering he’s the national front runner and that the other “top tier candidate”, Mitt Romney, was not participating (he did not participate in Ames either). As the weekend unfolded, however, many activists and media were reporting that they were hearing many people talking about how they were going to change their votes to Herman Cain after his debate performance and CPAC Florida speech (CPAC FL was being held the same weekend in the same place). By the time the announcement came from Governor Rick Scott with respect to who had won the Presidency 5 straw poll, Cain supporters in Florida were starting to feel they could achieve a strong showing. However, what happened next, no one really expected. Herman Cain had not only managed to pull off the upset at a straw poll that packed with delegates (candidates could not simply buy up tickets and distribute them to supporters, making P5 MUCH more legitimate than the Iowa straw poll), but he had also won by a landslide! This propelled Mr. Cain into the spotlight and really gave steam to the “Cain Train”.

In the days that followed the Presidency 5 straw poll victory, Cain was swarmed by media requests. He has appeared on the radio programs of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Dennis Miller (among others) who endorsed Herman Cain on the air and offered to headline a fundraiser for Mr. Cain in Los Angeles. He also received much praise from Rush Limbaugh (THE conservative juggernaut) for always staying true to conservative principles. On TV, he made his way to the Today show, the Early show, The Situation Room, On the Record, among others. All the attention manifested into various other successes for Cain as well.

Over the last few days, fundraising reports heading into the 3rd quarter fundraising report have indicated thousands of new donations and hundreds of thousands of dollars on an almost daily basis (according to Communications Director Ellen Carmichael, not sure of the link to an official news report). And in the last two polls, Mr. Cain has seen his support surge. First there was the Zogby poll released on the 26th of September, indicating Mr. Cain had taken over the lead from Rick Perry, polling at 28%, compared to Governor Perry’s 18%. Then in a brand new Fox News Poll, released this week, placed Herman Cain 3rd among Republican primary voters with 17%, trailing front runners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney by just 2% and 5% respectively. The fact that two separate organization’s polls have Mr. Cain rising, shows that his gains may not be an aberration. Now it is on Mr. Cain to take advantage of the free media appearances and donations he has been receiving. What may be most exciting about the rise of Herman Cain, is that he has been gaining support by winning debates, while receiving much less time to speak. Imagine the success he’ll have now that he will almost surely receive more speaking time at the debates.

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The Man with THE Plan

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Sorry for the prolonged absence, I haven’t posted in a few weeks and that’s simply because I didn’t there was much to blog about. I know Rick Perry jumped in the race and the Ames Straw Poll took place, but since then nothing significant has happened in my opinion, and I am not a proponent of talking about small snippets of baseless back and forth nonsense.

With that being said, this week, the candidate I’m supporting (Herman Cain, see my previous post on why this man is the candidate I am supporting) came out with his innovative 9-9-9 economic plan. Some highlights of Mr. Cain’s plan for 9-9-9 economic recovery plan include a reduced personal income tax of 9% on all americans and corporations (a flat tax) and a national sales tax of 9% (this is the introduction of the FairTax). This would also eliminate the payroll tax, the capital gains tax and end taxes on repatriated profits (those are profits of corporations that are currently headquartered overseas to avoid paying ridiculous American corporate tax rates, taking American jobs with them). This plan is a great way to spurn investment in new business ventures, bring back trillions of dollars sitting overseas, returning thousands of jobs to the USA and relieve the tax burden on the average citizen and reduce the tax burden of every American citizen. It also has the added effect of simplifying the tax code, saving American taxpayers millions every year in IRS waste. Another important aspect of this plan, is that it would unite the flat tax advocates and the fair tax advocates within the conservative republican base. Phase 2 of Mr. Cain’s economic plan would be to implement the FairTax, which is a national sales tax, you can read more about by clicking the link.

In such a serious time for the everyday American, people aren’t looking for campaigns running on one-liners (hint: Michele Bachmann), or candidates who are willing to let illegals cost the taxpayers billions and who believe in making energy more unaffordable than ever for Americans (hint: Newt Gingrich). Americans aren’t looking for undecisive flip-flop artists (hint: Mitt Romney) or RINOs who have worked for and praised President Obama (hint: Jon Huntsman). They also don’t need an old man wearing a tin foil hat who believes gullible is spray painted on the White House (hint: Ron Paul). They also don’t want people who claim to be TEA Party, social conservatives whosellout conservative values in order to help his own re-election cause (hint: Rick Perry). In short, Americans are tired of career politicians. They want someone who has created jobs. Someone who knows the private sector. Someone who has business turning businesses around. Someone who hasn’t been corrupted by the beltway style politics. That man, folks, is named Herman Cain.

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GOP Ames Debate Review

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I’m back for another installment of the Real Right Republican. Today I want to go over August 11th’s Fox News Channel’s Presidential debate, as well as today’s Iowa Straw Poll from the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

Thursday night’s debate was undoubtedly the most important for every candidate. Some candidates were trying to rebound from a poor performance in the CNN New Hampshire debate, while some were trying to make one last plea to GOP voters to head to Ames to vote for them in the crucial Iowa Straw Poll. With so much on the line, emotions were high and there were plenty of sparks. As for my analysis, I’m going to break it down into 4 sections: my candidate Herman Cain‘s performance; some valid points made by other candidates; some of the night’s best battles between candidates and finally the winners and losers of the night.

I’d like to begin with my observations on the performance put forth by my personal favourite in the field; Herman Cain. In his usual role as the non-politician, he was one of the only candidates to directly answer the questions asked of him and give some real policy solutions. When asked about his controversial remarks on Islam, Mr. Cain plainly re-stated that he vehemently supports the First Amendment and everyone’s right to practice their religion, but he will not tolerate the effort by some to have sharia law used in American Courts. He was also asked about what he would do about illegal immigration. His response was a precise 4 step solution that he has been advocating for quite some time, along with some light-hearted humour; joking that America needs to learn how to take a joke. When asked about his economic plan he proceeded to talk about lowering personal and corporate tax rates, lowering the capital gains tax and stop taxing repatriated profits in order to bring jobs back to America from overseas and then make these tax cuts permanent. To this response, Cain was pressed with a follow up question questioning whether eliminating taxes on repatriated profits would work seeing as this policy didn’t work in the past. Mr. Cain was able to explain that it hadn’t worked before, because it wasn’t coupled with the other cuts he is proposing and it wasn’t made permanent. The final topic Mr. Cain was asked to address was the battle over the debt ceiling and what he would have done differently. His response outlined his opposition to the raising of the debt ceiling and the fact that he would have cut spending on a program by program basis, using performance matrices as his guide. All in all for Mr. Cain, it was a great night when it comes to clarifying some of his controversial remarks, as well as getting his message out in the limited time he had to speak.

The rest of the 2 hour debate also provided some great moments though. In my opinion, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum both made a few great points. Santorum touched on the fact that the American middle class jobs are now being done in Indonesia, Malaysia and China and the President of the United States needs to lead the charge in bringing those jobs back to America. This point couldn’t be more true. Unfortunately for Santorum, the best policy to address this issue belongs to….Herman Cain (see the permanent elimination of taxes on repatriated profits). Santorum also touched on the fact that though States Rights are important in America, there are some things that the federal government must protect, especially when it comes to the moral fiber of the country. Another great point made by another one of the candidates at the debate came from none other than Mitt Romney. He touted his private sector experience, as well as his adversary Herman Cain’s private sector experience, saying that if you want someone who knows how to create jobs, you must vote for one of those two candidates. As someone who strongly believes in the private sector, I could not agree more with Governor Romney, but giving a shout out to my man Herman Cain is really what I liked about this comment. When it comes to the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, he made many great points on a variety of topics. Whether it was about the bureaucratic mess within the Department of Homeland Security, or his proposal to make English the official language of the American government, Gingrich hit home with a lot of Americans. He also railed against the super committee sideshow which is in charge of finding approximately 1.2 trillion dollars of spending cuts over the next 10 years. There were also many points put forward in the midst of heated exchanges, which provided some great entertainment for parts of the 2 hour debate.

Throughout the 2 hour long spectacle, viewers were able to see a few heated exchanges, involving 5 of the candidates on the stage. The first sparring match of the night was between Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, after Tim Pawlenty tried to make a stand and go after Michele Bachmann’s track record of failure. You can see that standoff here. Next up to get a little heated under the collar was Newt Gingrich, when he went after the moderator Chris Wallace for asking what he considered a “gotcha question”. Gingrich later explained that this question irked him more than usual, simply because the moderators asked the candidates to put away the talking points, and he simply wanted them to do the same with their “gotcha questions”. You can see that exchange here. Finally, a little later on in the night, candidates Ron Paul and Rick Santorum went after each other over foreign policy (no real shocker here, Paul was bound to get blasted by someone on the stage for his against the grain views on foreign policy). This one was probably the best feud of the night, and you can enjoy that confrontation here.

In the end, it was a great debate, covering a wide variety of topics and promoting a great dialogue, which brought forward many great points from more than one candidate. However, as is the case with any debate, there must be winners and losers. When it comes to Thursday night, I believe there were a few winners and a few losers. When it comes to those who did not have a great night, it’s no surprise that former Governor Jon Huntsman failed to drum up any more support, and that Tim Pawlenty’s aggressive strategy backfired. However, in my opinion, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann should also be placed in the category of losers in this debate. This is because, though she managed to paint Governor Pawlenty as a big government Republican, she failed, once again, to put forward any substantive policy proposals. For the last month and a half or so, she has been campaigning on a few big points. First is her vote against raising the debt ceiling, which is funny considering just a few years ago, she voted for Obama’s infamous stimulus package, which gave nothing in return to the Republicans at all. Then there’s the fact she was born in Waterloo, Iowa. If you’re a Republican and you did not know that Bachmann was born in Iowa, I urge you to remove your head from the sand and join us here in the real world. Finally, there are plenty of platitudes she is using to campaign on (I am pro-life, I am pro-gun, let’s make Obama a one term President, etc.). This woman seriously needs to start proposing some concrete policy, before more people realize just how shallow her campaign is. The winners Thursday night were those who talked policy and answered the questions they were asked. These 3 people were all from the “lower tier” of candidates and were Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. The rest of the candidates all did a solid job and avoided a disaster, but also did not stand out or make an impression like the aformentioned candidates did.

That wraps up my debate analysis. As usual, please comment with you think about the debate, I always like to talk Presidential politics. Also, please don’t forget to share this on facebook, twitter and by email with the links at the bottom of the screen, and like the facebook page titled realrightrepublican. It’s imperative that we spread the message to defeat Barack Obama and about the man who is best qualified to do it, Herman Cain.


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Herman Cain’s Wonderful Weekend: Recap

Herman Cain

Cain won the Western Conservative Summit straw poll and picked up an endorsement in a key early state this past weekend

Hey everyone,

With it now being Thursday August 4th, I figured that it’s time to finally recap Herman Cain’s results on various platforms from this past weekend (July 29th-31st). Mr. Cain and his army of grassroots volunteers put in a lot of time this past weekend and it seems like it has been paying off.

For starters, Mr. Cain was able to capture second place in the Smart Girl Summit’s straw poll, finishing behind the only female in the race, Michele Bachmann (note: only women were allowed to vote in the straw poll) in St. Louis, MO. From there, Cain headed out to Denver, CO for the Western Conservative Summit, where he captured the straw poll victory with a whopping 48% of the vote (note: he was only 1 of 3 candidates to speak at the conference and still came out with this massive victory)!

Then there was the new Zogby poll released last weekend (well, July 26th, but it fits well with the theme) showing Mr. Cain gaining support from their previous poll and now ahead of establishment favorite Mitt Romney. However, Mr. Cain wasn’t finished there. On Sunday (July 31st), Mr. Cain picked up the endorsement of the Pottawattamie County, Iowa GOP chair, Jeff Jorgensen. Jorgensen highlighted Mr. Cain’s common sense solutions and business experience in his endorsement.

This past week has provided the wily businessman with plenty of momentum, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only are we fast approaching the August 11th Fox News Debate in Iowa, but we’re also just 8 days away from the all important Ames straw poll in Ames, Iowa. For those who aren’t familiar with the Ames straw poll, see wikipedia’s significance section of the straw poll page. Hopefully all these positive results are turning heads and causing more people to hop aboard the “Cain Train” (the term us Cain supporters use as a reference to his growing base of supporters).

Hope y’all enjoyed the latest installment of the Real Right Republican. Make sure to tweet, facebook and share this post with all your political friends, and of course, leave your comments below.


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Why I support Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Hey y’all,

I decided to get right on with my first post tonight. This post is about why I have chosen to support Mr. Herman Cain as he campaigns to become the next Republican nominee for President, and what I believe he brings to the table in America’s time of need.

First off, my reasons for choosing Herman Cain over a plentiful field of other Republican candidates. Though many believe that political experience (especially executive experience) is a must when it comes to Presidential politics, I believe that executive experience in the PRIVATE sector is of utmost importance. How else will government be managed more efficiently? How else will government know how to cater to the job creators throughout the country? More politicians, means more handouts, more special interest and less REAL focus on jobs. Taking a look at this field, it is clear who has the most experience with not only creating jobs and managing business, but also the ability to right a sinking ship (which is undoubtedly a perfect analogy to the current financial situation of the United States). This individual is Herman Cain. Working his way up the corporate ladder with Coca-Cola into management, Mr. Cain never ceased to work hard, leading to promotion after promotion. Eventually Mr. Cain was tasked with saving Pillsbury millions of dollars as the Vice-President, a task he delivered on. Then it was on to Burger King, where he took the worst performing region in America (this being over 450 locations) and turned it into the most profitable region the company had. Finally, he was given the job of overseeing the bankruptcy of Godfather’s Pizza. But Mr. Cain never gave up and, not only returned Godfather’s Pizza to an incredibly successful company, but eventually bought it with fellow investors.

All this points to Mr. Cain’s ability to solve problems, something the United States is in desperate need of from it’s leader. Cain knows that you must first identify the right problem, prioritize properly, surround yourself with the right people, come up with the right plan and execute that plan properly. This may seem like a difficult concept, but given Mr. Cain’s track record when it comes to solving problems, I believe that this 5-step plan, under his supervision will work for the country as well. This, along with Herman Cain’s clear economic platform, and social Conservative values lead me to believe he is the only man qualified for the job of President of the United States.


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