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Republican Party 2012: The Week of Cain

Hey y’all,

I’m back for another post after a fairly prolonged absence. This last week however has prompted me to get off the sidelines and write again about my pick for the Republican nomination, Herman Cain. The last week’s Republican Party headlines have been dominated by Mr. Cain in many capacities, with an amazing debate performance, an unlikely straw poll victory, and a few mildly shocking poll results.

The driving force behind Mr. Cain’s recent storm of success is his debate performance last Thursday (September 22nd), where he was declared as the winner by many conservative pundits. What makes this victory even more special, is that Mr. Cain delivered the best message of any candidate, despite only receiving a little more than half the time to speak as the top candidates! This debate performance positioned Mr. Cain very well for the weekend’s Presidency 5 straw poll (an incredibly important straw poll known for selecting the future GOP nominee).

The day of the vote, many people were expecting a HUGE Rick Perry victory, considering he’s the national front runner and that the other “top tier candidate”, Mitt Romney, was not participating (he did not participate in Ames either). As the weekend unfolded, however, many activists and media were reporting that they were hearing many people talking about how they were going to change their votes to Herman Cain after his debate performance and CPAC Florida speech (CPAC FL was being held the same weekend in the same place). By the time the announcement came from Governor Rick Scott with respect to who had won the Presidency 5 straw poll, Cain supporters in Florida were starting to feel they could achieve a strong showing. However, what happened next, no one really expected. Herman Cain had not only managed to pull off the upset at a straw poll that packed with delegates (candidates could not simply buy up tickets and distribute them to supporters, making P5 MUCH more legitimate than the Iowa straw poll), but he had also won by a landslide! This propelled Mr. Cain into the spotlight and really gave steam to the “Cain Train”.

In the days that followed the Presidency 5 straw poll victory, Cain was swarmed by media requests. He has appeared on the radio programs of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Dennis Miller (among others) who endorsed Herman Cain on the air and offered to headline a fundraiser for Mr. Cain in Los Angeles. He also received much praise from Rush Limbaugh (THE conservative juggernaut) for always staying true to conservative principles. On TV, he made his way to the Today show, the Early show, The Situation Room, On the Record, among others. All the attention manifested into various other successes for Cain as well.

Over the last few days, fundraising reports heading into the 3rd quarter fundraising report have indicated thousands of new donations and hundreds of thousands of dollars on an almost daily basis (according to Communications Director Ellen Carmichael, not sure of the link to an official news report). And in the last two polls, Mr. Cain has seen his support surge. First there was the Zogby poll released on the 26th of September, indicating Mr. Cain had taken over the lead from Rick Perry, polling at 28%, compared to Governor Perry’s 18%. Then in a brand new Fox News Poll, released this week, placed Herman Cain 3rd among Republican primary voters with 17%, trailing front runners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney by just 2% and 5% respectively. The fact that two separate organization’s polls have Mr. Cain rising, shows that his gains may not be an aberration. Now it is on Mr. Cain to take advantage of the free media appearances and donations he has been receiving. What may be most exciting about the rise of Herman Cain, is that he has been gaining support by winning debates, while receiving much less time to speak. Imagine the success he’ll have now that he will almost surely receive more speaking time at the debates.

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