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The Man with THE Plan

Howdy y’all,

Sorry for the prolonged absence, I haven’t posted in a few weeks and that’s simply because I didn’t there was much to blog about. I know Rick Perry jumped in the race and the Ames Straw Poll took place, but since then nothing significant has happened in my opinion, and I am not a proponent of talking about small snippets of baseless back and forth nonsense.

With that being said, this week, the candidate I’m supporting (Herman Cain, see my previous post on why this man is the candidate I am supporting) came out with his innovative 9-9-9 economic plan. Some highlights of Mr. Cain’s plan for 9-9-9 economic recovery plan include a reduced personal income tax of 9% on all americans and corporations (a flat tax) and a national sales tax of 9% (this is the introduction of the FairTax). This would also eliminate the payroll tax, the capital gains tax and end taxes on repatriated profits (those are profits of corporations that are currently headquartered overseas to avoid paying ridiculous American corporate tax rates, taking American jobs with them). This plan is a great way to spurn investment in new business ventures, bring back trillions of dollars sitting overseas, returning thousands of jobs to the USA and relieve the tax burden on the average citizen and reduce the tax burden of every American citizen. It also has the added effect of simplifying the tax code, saving American taxpayers millions every year in IRS waste. Another important aspect of this plan, is that it would unite the flat tax advocates and the fair tax advocates within the conservative republican base. Phase 2 of Mr. Cain’s economic plan would be to implement the FairTax, which is a national sales tax, you can read more about by clicking the link.

In such a serious time for the everyday American, people aren’t looking for campaigns running on one-liners (hint: Michele Bachmann), or candidates who are willing to let illegals cost the taxpayers billions and who believe in making energy more unaffordable than ever for Americans (hint: Newt Gingrich). Americans aren’t looking for undecisive flip-flop artists (hint: Mitt Romney) or RINOs who have worked for and praised President Obama (hint: Jon Huntsman). They also don’t need an old man wearing a tin foil hat who believes gullible is spray painted on the White House (hint: Ron Paul). They also don’t want people who claim to be TEA Party, social conservatives whosellout conservative values in order to help his own re-election cause (hint: Rick Perry). In short, Americans are tired of career politicians. They want someone who has created jobs. Someone who knows the private sector. Someone who has business turning businesses around. Someone who hasn’t been corrupted by the beltway style politics. That man, folks, is named Herman Cain.

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Herman Cain’s Wonderful Weekend: Recap

Herman Cain

Cain won the Western Conservative Summit straw poll and picked up an endorsement in a key early state this past weekend

Hey everyone,

With it now being Thursday August 4th, I figured that it’s time to finally recap Herman Cain’s results on various platforms from this past weekend (July 29th-31st). Mr. Cain and his army of grassroots volunteers put in a lot of time this past weekend and it seems like it has been paying off.

For starters, Mr. Cain was able to capture second place in the Smart Girl Summit’s straw poll, finishing behind the only female in the race, Michele Bachmann (note: only women were allowed to vote in the straw poll) in St. Louis, MO. From there, Cain headed out to Denver, CO for the Western Conservative Summit, where he captured the straw poll victory with a whopping 48% of the vote (note: he was only 1 of 3 candidates to speak at the conference and still came out with this massive victory)!

Then there was the new Zogby poll released last weekend (well, July 26th, but it fits well with the theme) showing Mr. Cain gaining support from their previous poll and now ahead of establishment favorite Mitt Romney. However, Mr. Cain wasn’t finished there. On Sunday (July 31st), Mr. Cain picked up the endorsement of the Pottawattamie County, Iowa GOP chair, Jeff Jorgensen. Jorgensen highlighted Mr. Cain’s common sense solutions and business experience in his endorsement.

This past week has provided the wily businessman with plenty of momentum, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only are we fast approaching the August 11th Fox News Debate in Iowa, but we’re also just 8 days away from the all important Ames straw poll in Ames, Iowa. For those who aren’t familiar with the Ames straw poll, see wikipedia’s significance section of the straw poll page. Hopefully all these positive results are turning heads and causing more people to hop aboard the “Cain Train” (the term us Cain supporters use as a reference to his growing base of supporters).

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