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Why I support Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Hey y’all,

I decided to get right on with my first post tonight. This post is about why I have chosen to support Mr. Herman Cain as he campaigns to become the next Republican nominee for President, and what I believe he brings to the table in America’s time of need.

First off, my reasons for choosing Herman Cain over a plentiful field of other Republican candidates. Though many believe that political experience (especially executive experience) is a must when it comes to Presidential politics, I believe that executive experience in the PRIVATE sector is of utmost importance. How else will government be managed more efficiently? How else will government know how to cater to the job creators throughout the country? More politicians, means more handouts, more special interest and less REAL focus on jobs. Taking a look at this field, it is clear who has the most experience with not only creating jobs and managing business, but also the ability to right a sinking ship (which is undoubtedly a perfect analogy to the current financial situation of the United States). This individual is Herman Cain. Working his way up the corporate ladder with Coca-Cola into management, Mr. Cain never ceased to work hard, leading to promotion after promotion. Eventually Mr. Cain was tasked with saving Pillsbury millions of dollars as the Vice-President, a task he delivered on. Then it was on to Burger King, where he took the worst performing region in America (this being over 450 locations) and turned it into the most profitable region the company had. Finally, he was given the job of overseeing the bankruptcy of Godfather’s Pizza. But Mr. Cain never gave up and, not only returned Godfather’s Pizza to an incredibly successful company, but eventually bought it with fellow investors.

All this points to Mr. Cain’s ability to solve problems, something the United States is in desperate need of from it’s leader. Cain knows that you must first identify the right problem, prioritize properly, surround yourself with the right people, come up with the right plan and execute that plan properly. This may seem like a difficult concept, but given Mr. Cain’s track record when it comes to solving problems, I believe that this 5-step plan, under his supervision will work for the country as well. This, along with Herman Cain’s clear economic platform, and social Conservative values lead me to believe he is the only man qualified for the job of President of the United States.


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